Kate Upton announces her engagement to Justin Verlander at Met Gala

Kate Upton Engagement RINGSorry guys, but Kate Upton is officially off the market. On Monday, she announced her engagement to Baseball player, Justin Verlander at Met Gala. The couple has been dating for awhile now, but this does come as a surprise to all of us.

Anyways below are some of the pictures of what she wore to the Met Gala after party. She wore a skimpy black dress that revealed one arm and wore black laced up sandles with what appears to be unpainted toes.

Kate Upton Engagement 4 Kate Upton Engagement 3 Kate Upton Engagement 2 Kate Upton Engagement

At the Met Gala, she stunned the crowed with a glittery silver gown and showed off her engagement ring.

Kate Upton Engagement 7 Kate Upton Engagement 5 Kate Upton Engagement 6 Kate Upton Engagement 8 Kate Upton Engagement 9 Kate Upton Engagement 10 Kate Upton Engagement with dog

Kate Upton with NO Makeup

Kate Upton with NO Makeup top

Kate Upton, 23, was spotted walking her brindle Boxer, Harley, in Beverly Hills on Thursday. During this outting she decided not to get all dolled up and went out in public with no makeup on. How do you think she looks?

Kate Upton with NO Makeup

Peraonally, she looks amazing still. Just wearing some jogging pants and a sweatshirt, Kate Upton is the perfect super model.

Kate Upton with NO Makeup 2

Kate told E! that she would love to have 10 dogs, but her boyfriend of 3 years, Justin Verlander, put the limit to 3 dogs.

Kate Upton with NO Makeup Drives a Model S

Sidenote: Kate Drives a Tesla Model S. Nice car!!