Kate Upton in Zero Gravity for Sports Illustrated

Kate Upton in Zero Gravity for Sports Illustrated 5 Kate Upton in Zero Gravity for Sports Illustrated 4 Kate Upton in Zero Gravity for Sports Illustrated 3 Kate Upton in Zero Gravity for Sports Illustrated 2 Kate Upton in Zero Gravity for Sports Illustrated

Kate Upton poses in a sexy gold bikini floating in zero gravity space. The shoot took place on a specially modified Boeing-727, known as G-FORCE ONE, which performed a series of 17 parabolas – 13 zero gravity and four replicating lunar gravity – as Upton bounced and soared through the plane for the cameras.

ZERO-G is the first and only FAA- approved provider of commercial weightless airline flights for the public.

Check out Kate and her crew of make up artists, hair stylists, and cameramen all bouncing and flipping around in a zero gravity chamber.

While fan favourite Kate has covered the previous two editions of the magazine, the editors obviously realised they needed a new direction this issue. But while Chrissy Teigen, Nina Agdal and Lily Aldridge featured on the magazine’s cover, Kate still made an appearance – on the back. Posing in a tiny pink bikini, she showed just why she has become so popular.

Kate Upton in Zero Gravity for Sports Illustrated back cover

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[VIDEO] Kate Upton Bouncing Boobs in Slow Motion

Here is a video from bikini.com showing Kate Upton walking the runway for Beach Bunny Swimwear. You can see her boobs bouncing in slow motion. She truely is an all natural beauty.

Have a look:

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Baywatch: Kate Upton Poses with Lifeguard Float in Orage Bikini

Kate Upton is trying to pull off the Pamela Anderson Baywatch babe look. How do you think she compares? I would love to have her as my lifeguard any day!

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Kate Upton at Terry Richardson’s Studio

Here are a few pictures of Kate Upton from Terry Richardson’s photo shoot he did at his studio earlier this week. Kate is rocking a New York Yankees baseball hat and bra, a sexy bikini, and a black tank top. She even put on Terry Richardson’s glasses and still looks hot in the nerdy glasses.

Kate Upton “Cat Daddy” Dance in Sexy Red Bikini

Kate Upton- Cat Daddy from Terry Richardson on Vimeo.

Terry Richardson was able to get Kate Upton dance to “Cat Daddy” in s sexy red bikini. I am glad they added the slow motion instant replay!

YouTube banned the video of Kate Upton doing the Cat Daddy dance because it was a violation of YouTube’s policy on nudity or sexual content. Kate Upton was not naked but she almost danced right out of the tiny bikini. We have posted an updated video for those that missed it.

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